Long Distance Moving Company

Are you searching for a long distance moving company? If so, United National Movers can help! While moving, in general, is a stressful long distance moving companyexperience, long distance moves provide their unique complications and challenges. Hours of packing, assembling, loading, etc. can be exhausting due to its complex and diverse difficulties. That is why is recommended to hire the help of professional movers to alleviate the day of the move and make things easy for you and your family. To cover all your needs, United National Movers is the long distance moving company to trust!

Why Hire Us?

long distance moving companyUnited National Movers is a premier long distance moving company that goes the extra mile offering long distance moving services based on your moving needs and budget. Since a lot of additional strategic planning is required for long-distance relocations, United National Movers works closely with clients to make sure everything goes as expected.

long distance moving companyAs a professional mover, United National Movers has helped numerous families and business move their valuable belongings across the country. They personalize every move to fulfill the specific needs of clients with the appropriate licenses to offer both interstate and intrastate moves across the nation. With state-of-the-art moving equipment and a fleet of trucks capable of facilitating any move, their experienced staff will provide the best quality service and customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Our Services


long distance moving companyFor packing, they offer three different options; self-packing, fragile-packing, and full-service packing. If the client chooses the self-pack option, then they will provide them with all the required moving supplies such as moving boxes. Their experienced team of packers will be ready to pack everything for you.


long distance moving companyLeave your valuable belongings to their professional team of movers. They will take your electrical appliances, furniture, and other heavy belongings to pack them properly and move them to its final destination. United National Movers can also handle other bulky and heavy items that require special treatment and packing, such as pool tables, safes, hot tubs, pianos, etc.


long distance moving companyThey will load all your items in our truck and make sure that the entire process is seamless. Be assured that your valuables will stay undamaged throughout the transporting process because all their movers are incredibly experienced and trained to handle the clients’ valuables with care, especially fragile items. They will carry the bulky items through your hallways to load into the truck and ready them for transport.


United National Movers estimator will discuss all the details of delivery with the client beforehand. Whether you want your belongings to be delivered right away or keep them in their storage facility for a few days before delivering to your required destination, they will make sure that you are fully satisfied.

Assembling/Disassembling of Furniture

Disassembling and assembling of furniture are parts of United National Moving service. Don’t risk ruining your furniture while trying to separate the detachable parts. They will dismantle the larger furniture without damaging anything. Once your furniture arrives at your required destination, they will reassemble it. This service will save you a lot of time and hassle!