One of the things that will help you with moving to another state is to be determined and open-minded, for example when our customers move to another state for the second time, they usually look for affordable moving companies because they have to cover their bills during their transition. Usually people are lucky enough to relocate and have already a job at the new location but sometimes that is not the case.

Sometimes you might even feel the need to ask someone for a place to store your belongings before you get settled in your new house but maybe using a long distance moving company like us, might benefit you since we provide up to 30 days of free storage. Just make sure to contact us in the below form to get a confirmation.

Trying to find an affordable moving company and save relocation costs?

One of the easiest ways to save relocation costs is to sign up for a single relocation company that brings together all the relocation related services. What may seem contradictory at first sight due to experience gained from vacation bookings makes a good deal of sense when planning a move. Because juggling with appointments and availability times of several companies, to let all service providers on the move day at the right time, can easily go wrong in inexperienced hands and thus unnecessarily cause additional costs that could have been easily saved.

In addition, a professional relocation company should be able to provide you with a comprehensive and accurate moving estimate at no cost, in which all costs are clearly listed and firmly agreed. Beware of hidden additional costs! The times when arbitrary prices were sometimes thought up during an apartment visit are now a thing of the past. Thanks to computer-aided algorithms based on solid facts and empirical values, United Relocation NY uses the volume calculator to calculate the exact size of your moving goods, thereby determining a realistic and fixed price. Thus, you only pay for what you actually move and deal directly with the moving company instead of having to carry the broker’s commission on your shoulders.

When comparing and searching for cross country moving companies, make sure that you do not incur in any additional, previously unmentioned costs, such as spray rates, hourly bills and weekend packages. Another thing that your moving company must possess, is an insurance for protecting your goods. Otherwise your alleged moving bargain could lead to an abrupt awakening afterwards. Inform yourself therefore beforehand by means of independent customer experience reports about the moving businesses you are quoting from and browse if necessary also a little bit in their reviews online. A landline number as well as a corporate address are another way to expose scammers and cheaters on the move and to find out if it is a trusted moving company.

How much is a move with a Moving Relocation NY?

Of course, a move with a moving company has its price: Depending on the size, the costs can quickly become 3-4 digits. A privately organized move is usually cheaper – at least as long as nothing unforeseen happens.

On the other hand, moving with relocation professionals is also much more comfortable, faster and less stressful than switching your own home – and is often cheaper than you might expect.

The moving market is highly competitive. There are many competitors, including unfortunately some black sheep. With the right preparation and a thorough comparison of providers, it is quite possible to find a reasonable and serious company at the same time – and to save a lot of money during the move.

The prices and additional services offered by the various moving companies are by no means uniform and vary widely. Relocation  costs depend on several factors:

  • Volume of the removal goods
  • Distance between the places of residence
  • Floor height when packing and unpacking
  • Usability of an elevator
  • Additional services (packing boxes, setting up a no-stop zone, dismantling and assembling furniture and kitchen, etc.)
  • Special cargo (piano, aquarium, etc.)
  • Desired weekday
  • Disassembling and reassembling things.

The square footage serves as a rough estimate of the inventory’s volume. This is the basis for the calculation of the price. With greater distance between the places of residence also the removal costs increases, but the stress-free and insurance over moved items is worth every penny.