Originally we started out of New York and the surrounding states of the United States. Soon enough we started to receive many requests from clients moving to or out of North Carolina, Texas, Georgia, Florida, in sum, from the central, mountain and eastern side of the United States.
It’s been a challenge to keep up with this highly competitive transportation industry and comply with every conceivable legal requirement to remain trust-worthy throughout the years and several customer profiles, situations and goods we have ever transported from one state to another.
It is worth mentioning that many times our sales and customer services team has received calls disputing goods being held hostage by other companies that use part of our brand or our brand entirely to gain some business but, eventually, they end up sending us the complaints to us. Needless to say, we appreciate those calls and emails since we are able to work with our IT and marketing team to spot those black sheep and cooperate with these unsatisfied customers who end up calling us years later and hiring our long distance moving services as gesture of appreciation and their loyalty has followed us for years. We are very thankful to those customers too.
Our company has been founded out a basis of hard-work, respect to our customers and their belongings and a great deal of transparency in how we do business with those who request an estimate with us for their moving needs.
If you are anticipating a long distance move in the upcoming weeks, months or even years, please do get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to assist you by delivering an itemized moving estimate, based on your inventory of belongings to be transported and the distance of your tentative relocation, not to mention that we have a policy of free storage for up to 30 days.

On the experience of moving and some tips

We know it´s really stressful for a lot of people and it kind of puts your whole life into a bit of chaos when you move out of state. We know it’s something helpful to talk about and we are just going to share what our customers usually do under similar circumstance.

Starting about two months before you move you´ll want to cancel or transfer membership that you have, that would be something like the gym membership it´s important to do this more than one month before you move because a lot of places when you’re within the last 30 days, that last month period, before your renewal they might auto renew or it might be an extra charge to cancel with late notice. So it’s always best to cancel more than a month before the end date.

If you’re going to need to switch health care providers, like your PCP, your dentist, any kind of doctor that you go to, request a copy of your records. Or if they have a form to fill out to have your records sent somewhere else and you’ve already picked a new doctor do that.

Contact your insurance agent and find out if you’re going to have to update any of your policies.

If your going to be using a moving company then this is about the time that your’re going to want to call around and get quotes for a place so that you can pick one that you find reliable and reasonably priced. You don’t necessarily need to book this far in advance but you can if it gives you peace of mind. It is a good idea to start getting an idea of what you’re going to use because if you wait too long it will be hard to get them on the dates that you want.

And the last thing I definitely suggest doing as far in advance as possible is sorting through your stuff as much time as you can give yourself to go through your items and get rid of anything extra just start doing it as early as possible. It honestly never too early to start going through your stuff because life gets crazy and there might be a lot to go through and packing can end up happening down to the very last minute and you really don´t want to end up in a situation where you’re just like I don’t have time to sort things so I’m just going to pack it all and I’ll sort through when I get there because really does that happen probably not.

When you’re about one month from moving you’re going to want to start gathering up all of your moving supplies, so whatever you’re choosing to use whether it’s just the traditional cardboard boxes, tape and sharpies or if you’re going to be using a service like frog boxes, about a month in advance is a good time to sort out all your moving supplies because that time will fly by and you want to make sure that you have the supplies available for you to pack in whenever you have time to devote to packing.

It’s also a good idea in my opinion to pack your infrequent items but don’t seal up the boxes that way if you do need to get to something within those last like two weeks or so before you move, it’s not a complete pain to rip open the box and dig through it, you can still see what’s in there and you don’t really need to seal it up until a day or two before the move.

Another thing that i think is really important to do about a month before you move is to update your address and have them hold your mail. I like to notify the post office about four weeks in advance to have them hold my mail so you can go pick it up whenever you need to as frequently as you want but you don’t have to worry about things slipping through the cracks and ending up whit the new tenant that you don’t know who they are.

It’s also important at about three weeks before you move to update your address with anyone who sent you mail so it could be something as low priority as like your next DVD plan and magazines you’re subscribed to. But definitely make sure that you get all of the important ones like your bank, insurance providers, doctors, if you work sends you any mail, make sure that you update your address whit all of those things like credit card bills or your phone bill. A lot of times on the back of the bill a little portion that you tear off and send back in the mail the back of that will have a form to fill out for a change of address otherwise a lot of places let you do it over the phone or just by filling out a form online if you can’t find it on the back of the statement.

And the last thing to do at about three to four weeks out from the move is to call of your utility companies and either set up a date to cancel the service or to transfer the service.